Get Adobe Flash player EMOTIONAL DISTILLERS AND TREASURESMITHS Acquiring a piece of handmade jewellery can be an overwhelming experience. How do you create something that words can hardly express? Buying a diamond engagement ring is part of a much larger decision that goes far beyond jewellery. The very fact that you're even considering such a commitment indicates that you've already made quite a journey. Welcome to Jason Ree Design. A family owned workshop where you only deal directly with the designers and craftsmen. We encourage an open and friendly atmosphere where anything from emotions to price can be discussed with respect and honesty. As highly trained craftspeople we will create anything from the traditional to the more experimental. But conjuring up a symbol of love can't be rushed. Special care is taken to bring you through the gem selecting process as well as the design. Everything is taken into consideration, from the size of the hand, to the colouring, style and tastes of the recipient. From engagement rings to rattles and chokers, each piece we put our stamp on will be completely unique and personal, and taking the necessary time to give you exactly what you want, is our highest priority. We ask for 10 % up front and you get a 100% refusal right. We are absolutely accountable and will remake the piece until you're satisfied. Feel free to visit us anytime to discuss anything from carats and cuts to cricket scores. We usually know the answer.