Diamonds have their own sparkling personalities & the best way to discover the perfect one is to come in to see them for yourself.

During your Diamond & Design consultation, we will show you a large selection of stones so you have an opportunity to see the differences, not on a chart, but in real life.

This knowledge will give you the confidence to choose the one that speaks to you.


Understanding the features of a diamond can be a minefield.

We will help you find the perfect stone for your design, while taking you through the four C’s.  Actually seeing what an inclusion looks like through a loupe & accurately witnessing the differences in diamond colours is a real thrill.

Contact Us to make an obligation-free appointment or click here for our Diamond Grading Crash Course if you prefer to stay online.


Unlike other diamond websites that list thousands of stones from anonymous suppliers, Jason Ree deals directly with a select number of cutters from Antwerp, Belgium. With first hand knowledge & feedback available on each stone, we  take  pride in making sure you find the best value available. When a diamond arrives from the cutter & we are sure it's perfect, only then do we agree to let you buy it.  After purchase, you have 4 weeks to come back and change it if you wish &/or make any changes to the design of your jewellery.


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