The engagement ring is the physical embodiment of a promise, a symbol to carry with you at all times.

At Jason Ree we create your piece from the ground up - starting with the rock. 

We have a wide range of loose stones in store to choose from, as we buy the best pieces as they come along, because we know we will never find the same stone twice. 


Occuring in every colour of the rainbow, the Sapphire is second hardest only to diamond, making it the perfect coloured gemstone for everyday wear. Each sapphire carries its individual colour, making them extraordinarily unique and beautiful.

Specialising in Australian Sapphires, we buy the most spectacular pieces we come across. Many of these incredible gems shift tones in different lights, lending them a rare magic.

Drown in the depth of the blues, get lost in the forest of greens, soak up the purple rain and blush under a sunset sky. 


Ultimately classic and elegant, a diamond cannot be matched in fire and brilliance. Be it White, Pink, Yellow or Chocolate, a diamond has a singularly beautiful essense.  

Eternal, the diamond is the symbol of unconditional love, unwavering passion, and unbridled joy.


Coloured gemstones of all kinds evoke special meaning for each person that beholds them. A place, a time, a feeling. Gemstones bring memories rushing home, and create new ones everyday.

We select only premium gemstones for our rings, and have an enviable collection to choose from.